Mission Statement

To indicate, the islamic values in the students making them true Muslims and patriotic Pakistanis.
To equip them with a sound knowledge, a high standard of moral behavior based on Islamic principles, and qualities of initiative, leadership and responsibility.To provide each child individually through the educational process, so that he can reach his fullest potential.


Muslim International School System is a private educational english medium school. Which offers comprehensive guidence to students in the Montessori,Class I to X. The dignity and worth of each student. Development of responsibility to self and to society. Development of a positive self image. Development of a strong foundation for acedemic achievment. Encouragement of critical thinking and skills amd personal creativity.
Student are given the opportunity to develope a personal set of values that will help them to make responsible choices. We are committed to the task of national building through education and grooming of the future generation of Pakistan. The school is well designed, custom built computer networked lab is equipped with state of the art facilities well stocked libraries, practical laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are serving the youth .

  • Religeous Education

    The programme emphasizes the study of Holy Quran and fundamental teachings of Islam.

  • Physical Education

    The programme encourages social, emotional and mental growth.

  • Spoken English

    Spoken english classes are conducted on daily basis in all classes.

  • Art & Craft

    It stresses on creativity through the medium of painting, drawing and dramatics. It helps the child to express his emotions and inclinations.

  • Do Your Homework

    Home work is being monitored under the keen observation of the teachers.

  • Time For Recreation

    Recreational and study trips are arranged for the students time to time for their enjoyment.

Our Toppers SSC-II 2016

Muhammad Hashir

1024 A+


Muhammad Usman

966 A+


Tehreem Shafiq

945 A+


Ahad Ali Zafar

925 A+


Muhammad Ali Hassan

918 A+


Qais Abidi

900 A+



School Organization

School Program consists of:
A montessori Section for students aged 3.5 years to 6 years.
A primary School Section for students aged 6 to 10 years attending clases I to V.
A middle school section for classes VI to VIII.
A high school consisiting of classes IX-X.
All classes are thught as independant units,Students have teachers for basic subjects i.e. Language, Mathematics, Islamiat, Science, Social Studies and go to specialist teachers for Computer, Physical Education and Arts & Craft.

  • Staff

    All teaching staff is highly motivated and qualifaied with montessori training. They are supervised by the administrators.

  • School Services

    The school provides several services to its students and the staff members. School has well equipped libraries , labs etc. .

  • Students

    Students of the school are obedient, hard working and punctual.They are well trained by the hardworking teachers.

  • Facilities

    School provides the bst facilities to its students. Which includes labs, libraries, playing grounds, tuck shop etc. School also provides the medical facilities to its students.

School Facilities

Besides spacious classrooms, every section has a library, a laboratory, a computer lab and a video room, Montessori excercise activity room, an art and craft room. In addition, playgrounds, a badminton court, table tennis, basketball court and a tuck shop are provided for extra-curricular and free time activities.

  • Library

    The school has a well stocked library.Characterized by a number of audio tapes,video films.

  • Computer Lab

    Muslim International School System has a modern computer laboratory for all its students.

  • Science Labs

    Muslim International School System has a modern science laboratory for all its students.

  • Tuck Shop

    The tuck shop is open during school hours.All types of snacks are available along with the stationery supplies.

  • Medical Facilities

    The school provodes a general medical checkup to the students once a year.

  • Playing Area

    School has a large playing ground with a number of swings for the childern.

Classes with Happy Children

Students of the Muslim International School System are hard working and creative. They participate actively in the decoration and maintainence of their class rooms. The childern enjoy doing this all. Beside the studies, the extracurricular activities keep them active and happy.