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here you can know more about Muslim International School System


About School

Muslim International School System is a private educational english medium school, which offers comprehensive guidence to students in the Montessori, Class I to X. The dignity and worth of each student. Development of responsibility to self and to society.Development of a positive self image. Development of a strong foundation for acedemic achievment. Encouragement of critical thinking and skills amd personal creativity. Student are given the opportunity to develope a personal set of values that will help them to make responsible choices.

We are committed to the task of national building through education and grooming of the future generation of Pakistan. The school is well designed, custom built computer networked lab is equipped with state of the art facilities well stocked libraries, practical laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are serving the youth .

  • Staff

    All staff is highly motivated and qualifaied with montessori training. They are supervised by the administrators.

  • Facilities

    School provides the best facilities to its students. Which includes labs, libraries, playing grounds, tuck shop etc. School also provides the medical facilities to its students.

  • Students

    Students of the school are obedient, hard working and punctual. They are well trained by the hardworking teachers.

  • Teachers

    The school has highly qualified and experienced teachers, who train the students morally and academically in the best regards.


Chairman Message

Pakistan is progressing in every field of life. Education the very core of human progress has attained a new dimension in Pakistan for the last decade.As a result many private schools emerged. Muslim International School is a new addition to the cause of education.The present education system has been derived mostly from the educational model of the west. It is based on economism and utilitarianism ignoring the religious and ethical values that are so essential for creating a balance individual and a harmonious social order. One of the serous consequence of the present system is the intellectual subjugation of the educated muslim men and women to the western thought and culture having little knowledge of what their own religion has to offer in this regard. It is time now to check this trend and to revamp the system so as to have relevance to the teaching of Islam. It needs also to be dynamic and flexible in view of the expanding frontiers of knowledge particularly science and technology and the fast changing socio-economic conditions of Pakistan.

The Muslim International High School will, In Sha Allah, endeavour to meet this challenging task. Last but not least: it is my commitment that no student shall be deprived of his/her right to get education due to his/her economical limitation or because of belonging to under privileged class. All brilliant and deserving students shall be provided financial assistance without compromising on their self respect and esteem.

Mr. Muhammad Hameed Shah Gillani

  • Creative Writing

    Students are motivate to protray their ideas and thinking about different aspects of life.

  • Outdoor Activities

    Out door activities such as sports day and fun fair arranged for the students to keep them fit mentally and physically.

  • Arts & Craft

    The students participate actively in the art competitions held at the class, school and inter school level.

  • Child Care

    Childern are helped and prepared to live a confident and an independant life.

  • School Programme

    The school programme is a scientific meathod,the objectives of which are to attune a child to a new phase of life.