Admission Policy

Learn about the admission policy and the criteria for the admisssion of your child in the Muslim International School System.


Rules and Regulations.

Observance of rules is must. Violation of the rules will strictly be handled.
In Proper Uniform
Cadet Haircut
No use of Mobile Phones withinn the premesis of the school
Eatables are not allowed inside the class rooms
Students should respect and show courtesy to everyone
Fighting using abusive language and creating disturbance is strictly not allowed.

  • Admissions

    The chid will be tested in hour subjects,i.e Englsih, Urdu, Science and Mathematics. For montessori classes an informal individual assesment test is taken.

  • Examinaion

    Muslim International school system conducts student evaluation through a system of bimonthly tests, quizes, semester and final exams.

             General Information

  •             Academic Year breakdown

    The academic year starts in April and ends in March. Exact dates for the beginning and the end of the academic year may vary from year to year.

  •             Admission Formalities

    At the time of the admission the fee,miscellaneous charges and one month tution fee is pyable.

  •             Rules of payment

    Fees should be paid before the 10th of each month.Alate fee of Rs.10 per day will be charged till the 20th and Rs.20/-per day will be charged from the 21st till the 30th will be charged thereafter.