Presentation services for Muslim International School System

Our services for Muslim International School System

The school serves its students in the best possible manner. In terms of education, the self development, encouragement of critical thinking and personal creativity, development of an individual as a responsible citizen as well as the development of a strong foundation for the academic achievement.

Geographic Lessons

The students are well taught about the geography of the world as well as the study about the history of islam and the civilization. So that beside the academic knowledge they must be aware of certin other aspects as well.

Fun & Play

Along with the academic studies we provide our students the opportunities to be fit and healthy by making them participate in the extracurricuar activities. Sports competitions are arranged every now and then in this regard. Childern are encouraged to participate actively.

Top Teachers

Best teachers of the city are chosen to educate the students of the Msulim International School System academically and morally, for the development of a positive and succesful generation.

Drawing & Art

Various art competitions are arranged for our students in order to give them a chance to portray their thoughts and ideas. Teachers are also available to help them and train them in this regard.

School Facilities

Besides spacious classrooms, every section has a library, a laboratory, a computer lab and a video room, montessori excercise activity room, an art and craft room. In addition, playgrounds, a badminton court, table tennis, basketball court and a tuck shop are provided for extra-curricular and free time activities.

  • Library

    The school has a well stocked library. Characterized by a number of audio tapes, video films.

  • Computer Lab

    Muslim International School System has a modern computer laboratory for all its students.

  • Science Labs

    Muslim International School System has a modern science laboratory for all its students.

  • Tuck Shop

    The tuck shop is open during school hours. All types of snacks are available along with the stationery supplies.

  • Medical Facilities

    The school provodes a general medical checkup to the students once a year.

  • Playing Area

    School has a large playing ground with a number of swings for the childern.

  • Creative Writing

    Students are motivate to protray their ideas and thinking about different aspects of life.

  • Outdoor Activities

    Out door activities such as sports day and fun fair arranged for the students to keep them fit mentally and physically.

  • Arts & Craft

    The students participate actively in the art competitions held at the class,school and inter school level.

  • Child Care

    Childern are helped and prepared to live a confident and an independant life.

  • School Programme

    The school programme is a scientific meathod,the objectives of which are to attune a child to a new phase of life.